The mission of Second Baptist Church is to give visible form to that faith and fellowship to which God has called His people. We shall fulfill this calling through corporate worship services, through a program of Christian Education and nurture through proclamation of the gospel by word. Our Christian education program will be accomplished through preaching, teaching, evangelizing, and missionary work.


SBC would like to reestablish a Children’s Church. If you want to connect with our youth, consider volunteering to sit with them during the worship service or take part in class sessions. Sis. Claressa Campbell is one of the volunteers who will assist with teaching the children. Consider volunteering one Sunday a month as a Church companion or to be a class assistant. Please contact Rev. James S. Terrell at 202-842-0233, for more information


If you have a few hours to spare, why not volunteer at the Church. Second Baptist needs your hand. Please see Dr. Terrell or Tr. Sharon Malone if you can clean, make repairs, perform church maintenance or office assignments.


If you are unable to attend Bible Study in person on Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. or Wednesday at 12 noon, please join us by conference call. Please dial conference call number 1-866-783-6229. Use code 712634#. We look forward to your participation.


*Reminders for Ministry Leaders*

Are you planning an event or activity? Make sure you complete the appropriate forms to use the facility, plan your finances, plan a trip, withdraw or deposit funds. Turn in your completed forms to Trustees Willie Dunham or Geraldine Sumpter. Make sure you turn in your forms no less than 45 days before your event.

Please make sure you are using the latest forms (revision date 10/2016) when requesting events/usage of the facility.  If your event requires funding from the church make sure you complete and submit the financial worksheet with the request form.  Please submit forms to the Board during the planning phases of your event.  You should not move forward with your event until you have received approval from the Board.

Voucher Procedures

Did you receive the Voucher Procedures Document? Ministry Leaders and/or any persons who write vouchers against a Trust Account or Church Budget line item, please review and sign the Voucher Procedures document. Turn in to Rhoda Shorter as soon as possible so you can start withdrawing funds when needed from your accounts.



Join us for Sunday School (adult classes and youth classes) at 10:00 A.M.

 Please inform Sis. Sharon Malone, if you can volunteer as a substitute teacher for the adult, teenagers or middle school children classes.

The topic for the Adult Class is a “Obeying God’s Law” taken from Exodus 20:18-26 Central Thought: What God requires of us remains exactly what was required of the Israelites-Obedience. “Why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” (Luke 6:46)

Join us for Sunday morning worship service at 11:00 A.M.

Communion Sunday - 1st and 5th Sundays
Youth Sunday - 3rd Sunday
Missionary Sunday - 5th Sundays
November Stewardship Sunday - 1st Sunday in November

Join us for evening Bible Study at 6:00 P.M.


Join us for afternoon Prayer Meeting at 12:00 P.M.