Church Service

Senior Usher Board

The Senior Usher Board consists of men and women who are diligent in their duties of offering assistance at the entrance to the main sanctuary, greeting and helping the congregation with seating, assisting with order and decorum, facilitating the offerings, as well as other services that contribute to the spirituality of the worship service.

Service Times - Each Sunday except the 1st Sunday of the month.

Junior Usher Board

The Junior Usher Board was established for the purpose of educating and training our youth (under 18 years old) on the duties and responsibilities of an usher.

Service Times – The 1st Sunday of the month.

Van Committee

The Van Committee provides transportation to church members that need it. The drivers should be able to drive a 15 passenger van and have a good driving record. The duties involve picking-up church members for church services and activities throughout the city.

Pastor’s Aid

The Pastor's Aid Committee assists the Pastor and his family as necessary. This committee makes sure the Pastor has all he requires for his duties, in addition to providing encouragement, deeds, support and prayer. The Pastor’s Aid Committee sponsors a Living Legend Luncheon annually to honor the accomplishments of a business person in the DC area.

Flower Committee

The Flower Committee is responsible for all floral decorations in the church and gives special attention to decoration of the sanctuary for the Christmas and Easter seasons. Memorial or celebration contributions to enhance the setting for Sunday worship are most welcome.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee thrives on fellowship times. The Committee extends fellowship to the congregation and visitors through meal activities (repasts) after church services.



Music Committee

The Music Committee is responsible for administratively managing all Church music. The Music Committee is also responsible for coordinating all music activities, selecting the choir directors and musicians, planning special music programs, and the maintenance of all musical instruments.

Church Musicians/Directors

Church Musicians/Directors are responsible for providing the music for church services.

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir renders hymns, anthems, and spirituals for the worship services and special observances. The choir members are dedicated singers of various age groups.

Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir members are the combined efforts of all choirs of the church. They perform many different styles of music. The choir members are dedicated singers of various age groups.

Voices of Jubilee

The Voices of Jubilee perform music such as gospel, inspirational, and contemporary. The choir members are dedicated singers of various age groups.


The Sunbeam Choir is the children’s choir of the church. The musical focus of this choir revolves around age appropriate Christ centered music. The target age group is 5 – 11.

Tape Ministry

The Tape Ministry operates all audio support for our various services. They record the Sunday morning and special services. They can make cassette tapes available upon request.



Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons is a group men and women elected by the church family and ordained to assist with spiritual and ministerial matters of the church. The Board of Deacons serves Communion for the 2nd and 5th Sundays and helps all males to prepare for Baptism. (Board Members)

Board of Deaconesses

The Board of Deaconesses is a group of women elected by the church family to serve as examples to the women of the church. This group of women prepares Communion for the 2nd and 5th Sundays and helps all females to prepare for Baptism. In addition the Deaconesses assist the Board of Deacons in spiritual matters of the church (Board Members)

W. Bishop Johnson Missionary Society

The W. Bishop Johnson Missionary Society’s involvement extends from missionary work in foreign lands to people with needs in the neighborhood of the church. The Missionary Society also provides mission support and Sunday afternoon worship services every fifth Sunday.

Revival Committee

Revival is a time for spiritual renewal and evangelizing. Revival services occur during the week of Homecoming Sunday. The Revival Committee is responsible for organizing the evening Revival services and providing a light repast.

Pulpit Committee

The Pulpit Committee is responsible for establishing criteria for selecting a Pastor or Assistant Pastor. The committee is made up of various officers and members of the church.


Christian Education

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education is responsible for the development, organization, supervision, and implementation of a consistent and balanced Christian Education program. (Board Members)


Church School

The Church School provides a safe and loving space where children can grow in Christian faith. Classroom time may involve a combination of Bible study or story reading, art projects, dramatization of scripture, music, singing, group and individual work. The Church School program involves children from pre-school through grade 8, as well as providing childcare for infants and toddlers.


Children’s Church

Children’s Church provides the young children of the church with a caring and learning environment during church services. The children enjoy learning about God along with singing, snacks, games and lessons.


Education and Back to School Sunday Committee

The Education and Back to School Sunday Committee is responsible for recognizing all graduating students of the church. The students are recognized during a special period during a Sunday Service during a summer month before school begins again.


New Members Committee

The seeds of membership growth take root and grow at their own pace. The New Members Committee is responsible for welcoming new members into the church family. The committee helps new members become assimilated into the church family by assisting with new member fellowships, introducing and educating new members to the different ministries of the church, greeting new members upon joining the church, and presenting them new member packets.


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is run by the Director of Christian Education, along with volunteers and helpers. VBS reaches out to children and adults within the church congregation and within the community. VBS takes place at the church, one week during the month of July and generally goes from 6:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M. The purpose of VBS is to spread the "Good News" of Jesus in a less structured setting. Activities include recreational games, Christian songs, arts and crafts, performances, wonderful fellowship, and snack time!



Christian Fellowship

Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry creates spiritual brotherhood among the men of the church and are inclusive of men in other churches and the community. One of the main events of the Men’s Ministry is the Men’s Day church service.

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry creates spiritual sisterhood among the women of the church and are inclusive of women in other churches and the community. One of the main events of the Women’s Ministry is the Women’s Day church service. The Women's Fellowship occurs every third Saturday, other activities of the Women's Ministry are fundraising, religious plays, motivational speakers, and donation of large print Bibles for the church's use.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry creates an environment of growth for the youth of the church. One of the main events of the Youth Ministry is the Youth Day church service. The youth also participate in the Sunday church service every 3rd Sunday. The youth also participate in several educational and fun activities outside the church such as the circus, plays, museums, and sporting events.

Adult Fellowship

The purpose of the Adult Fellowship Club is to provide fund raising programs for the church. The Club also incorporates fellowship time between the club members and friends.

Second Baptist Tea Society

The purpose of the Second Baptist Tea Society is to raise funds to be used for the beautification of the church. The Tea Society normally has two teas during the year, a fall tea in September and a tea in February during African American History month.

Outreach Group

The Outreach Group provides fellowship time and activities for the Senior Citizens of Second Baptist Church. Some of the activities include bowling, visiting the sick, visiting city museums, going to the movies, attending the dinner theater, visiting apple and peach orchards, and having summer and Christmas parties.

Picnic Committee

The Picnic Committee is responsible for planning and organizing the annual church summer picnic. The picnic gives members, family, and friends of the church an opportunity to fellowship in a fun, safe, and relaxed atmosphere. Some of the activities include board games, volley ball, bingo, and swimming.


Special Events

Christmas Program Committee

The Christmas Program Committee provides a Christmas service involving the whole church, family, and friends. The following are normally needed to make the service successful: musicians, pageant performers, stage hands, food preparers and servers, decorations, and publicity agents.

Family and Friends Day Committee

Family and Friends Day is an opportunity to strengthen the ties that bind us as a church family and to expand the church’s presence in the community. It is a special time for the congregation to invite their family and friends to church to celebrate and of course we hope that visiting family and friends will feel welcome to return. The committee is responsible for organizing the service and a celebratory fellowship dinner after the church service.

Historical Society

The Historical Society maintains an archive and repository of records, materials and other items of significant historical interest to the church. The committee also prepares publication from time to time and plans the church anniversary service and activities.

Homecoming Committee

Homecoming is like a church reunion. It is a time when present and former church members and friends worship at the church together. The Homecoming Committee is responsible for organizing the church service and a celebratory fellowship dinner after the church service. Homecoming is normally the first Sunday in October.


Membership Care


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a group of elected men and women of the church responsible for all the business and financial matters of the church. (Board Members)

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee audits the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and other Trustee records deemed necessary.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee prepared an annual budget for the church. The budget contains all projected income, expenses, and salaries for the succeeding church year. The Annual Budget Meeting is held in the month of November.

Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate itemized records of all income and disbursements held in the Church account.


The Church Treasurer is responsible for the proper receipt, accounting and disbursement of church funds within policies established by the church for adequate financial control.

Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Church Treasurer is responsible for assisting the Church Treasurer in the performance of his/her duties.


Church Administration

Church Clerk

The Church Clerk is responsible for maintaining minutes and records of the proceedings of all church business meetings, all Joint Board meetings, and the morning worship services. The Church Clerk makes the church announcements, writes the Church Paper for deceased members, and maintains records for new members, baptisms, deaths, Pastors, and Officers of the Church.

Assistant Church Clerk

The Assistant Church Clerk assists the Church Clerk in performing his/her duties.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant performs secretarial, clerical, office management and general administrative duties for the Pastor and the church.

Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee is responsible for reviewing the Church Constitution and By Laws and making recommendations to the church for any necessary changes.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for recommending to the Church body candidates for all elected positions of the church. The committee interviews each prospective candidate, determines his/her willingness to serve if elected, and reviews qualifications of the candidates for the specific positions.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee serves as a liaison between the church and the outside community when dealing with the press or the media. This committee assures that the purpose and programs of the church are kept before the members and community through bulletins, newsletters, radio, television, and newspapers. This committee promotes membership and maintains relationships with other churches.

Calendar of Events Committee

The Calendar of Events Committee is responsible for communications within the church. This committee collects information from all ministries within the church and consolidates the activities in the annual church calendar which is distributed the first of every year.