Welcome to The Second Baptist Church of Washington, DC!
A Church Known With A Great Welcome!

The foundational supports of our vision for the Second Baptist Church established since our inception in 1848 have arrived in the twenty-first century still strongly intact. We are committed to the substantive principles of our founders which include church growth, church and community development, membership education, and service to God.

The fulfillment of our church vision over the years is seen in our five areas of focus. These areas of ministry which are designed to help us to accomplish our mission and fulfill our vision are Worship, Fellowship, Membership Care, Christian Education, and Missions. These pillars of faith support our twenty-first century mission statement: “The purpose of the Second Baptist Church is to give visible form to faith and fellowship to which God has called His people”. Second Baptist Church has a mandate from God to continue to be a positive catalyst for social and spiritual progress in the local and national community by being a Bible-believing congregation for the divine purpose of community transformation.

We are a vibrant home of culture, education, and spiritual life in Mount Vernon Triangle in downtown Washington, D.C.